What we do

Welcome to Property Law Advice!  Advice on property law (also known as land law) is our specialism;  in particular, the law of England and Wales. Our Areas of work page will tell you about all the sorts of problems we can help with — everything from rights of way to village greens.

The law can be challenging.  But there’s much we can do to help, by cutting through legal jargon, providing clear, practical analyses of problems, and identifying solutions.

Our approach is informal, friendly and  constructive.  We understand that when people meet legal problems they want to resolve them quickly and efficiently, and we react accordingly. 

How are we different?

Legal problems are not just about the law:  they need to be understood in their human context, where many factors come into play.  What is affordable?  What is practicable?  What is fair?  What are the risks?  What solution will last?

Good advice calls for a high degree of sensitivity and understanding on the part of an adviser, and an ability to devise realistic solutions which take into account all the relevant factors. That is what we aim to do. 

If you would like to see whether we can help, please start with our Can we help? page.   All initial enquires are treated as strictly confidential, and without any commitment on your part. Please note also our Ts & Cs (Terms and Conditions) which will apply if we agree to help. 

Fixed, low charges

Our Charges page explains how we price the work we do. Whenever possible we will quote a fixed price for written advice, and we will give a delivery date.  The price quoted will normally include any follow-up questions: these are (quite understandably) very common.

 Our FAQ page answers many other queries;  but if you are uncertain about the scope of the services we offer, please don’t hesitate to ask.  Please note that we are concerned with the law in England and Wales. We can’t help with problems in other jurisdictions, where the law will be different.

 P. S. If you are looking for specialised help for residents’ associations in private roads, please see www.privateroads.co.uk.  And for our print publishing website, please see www.barsby.com.

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