Written advice

Sometimes, a legal problem calls for a clear, authoritative statement of the law, providing specific answers to specific questions.  Armed with written advice, a client has something to refer to, perhaps to share with others, and to use as a basis for discussions and decisions.

In producing written advice our task is to analyse a problem and explain possible solutions, taking into account issues such as cost and risk.  We avoid legal jargon as far as we can.  In many cases we can find workable solutions to problems.  Our quote includes any follow-up questions you may have as a result of our advice.  Written advice can be given before or after a meeting, or on its own, depending upon the needs of the particular case.

For written advice to be as effective as possible, it needs to be based on good, clear and detailed input from you.  We’ve prepared some guidance which won’t be exactly right for every possible case, but which should give you a good idea of what needs to be done to maximise the value of written advice.  If we need more information or documents, in order to draft good advice, we’ll let you know – please don’t take it amiss!