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If we have answered your enquiry and believe that we can help, please feel free to ask us for a quotation.

In order for us to quote for providing advice, we’ll need specific information about the dispute or other issue you’re concerned with. The value of the advice will depend upon the information you provide, so it’s important that you invest some of your own time in providing a clear and detailed explanation of what has happened.

We’ve prepared some guidance on assembling information as a basis for legal advice, which you can download from here:  Guidance.  This explains what we need in order to provide reliable advice.

For more about cost, please see our Charges page.  Our quote will generally be for a fixed sum. It will be payable if you are satisfied with the advice, and it will include dealing with any follow-up questions you may have.

We look forward to hearing from you with the details, and will aim to respond with a quote in a day or two.


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