Highways provide public rights of way to much of the land in England and Wales.  Please click for our Background note on Highways Law. 

Questions we can help with include:

[icon name = “search”] Whether public use over time has created a public right of way – in other words a highway

[icon name = “search”] Can action by a landowner, for example by putting up notices, prevent the creation of a highway?

[icon name = “search”] Must a highway be maintained by the local authority? 

[icon name = “search”] Has legislation ended the public right of way for motor vehicles over a particular road or track?

[icon name = “search”] What is the significance of the Definitive Map and Statement?

[icon name = “search”] Does a highway, when it crosses open land, have to follow a precise route? 

[icon name = “search”] What powers does the local authority have over highways? 

[icon name = “search”] If someone is injured, because a public road has not been properly maintained, is the local authority required to pay compensation?

[icon name = “search”] How can public rights of way over land be ended? 

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