Private rights of way

Private rights of way can exist over private roads and paths, and open land such as fields or woodland.  Please click for our Background note on Private rights of way law. 

Questions we can help with include:

[icon name = “search”] Does a private right of way exist?

[icon name = “search”] What is the scope of a private right of way:  who can use it, and how much use is allowed? 

[icon name = “search”] Who has to pay for maintenance of the road or path in question?

[icon name = “search”] What can be done if someone is obstructing a private right of way?

[icon name = “search”] Can the route of a private right of way be altered?

[icon name = “search”] How can disputes over right of way be settled?

[icon name = “search”] Should  private rights of way be shown on the Land Register?

[icon name = “search”] Can a private right of way cease to exist if it’s not used? 


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