Talking through problems can help to get things into focus.  What is important?  What action can be taken?  What risks are involved in legal proceedings?  How can resources – time and money – best be spent in addressing problems?  A meeting can often be the best way of finding the answers to these questions.

We are happy to hold Zoom meetings and Microsoft Teams meetings with clients.   But even better, in some ways, are face-to-face meetings.  They make it easier to go through maps, plans and other documents;  and discussions can take place without being interrupted by glitches in the software and with internet connections.

We are always happy to hold face-to-face meetings, and we have found that our clients include not just those who are close to us (near Bicester)*, but some who come from further away.  We have a user-friendly meeting room with high-speed broadband, which is ideal for meetings.   It can accommodate groups of 10 or more people (some of our clients are organisations rather than private individuals).


Following a meeting we should be able to quote for providing written advice, if you wish to have it.  There’s no obligation, and sometimes our clients find that a meeting and a full discussion is all they need to get things into perspective and to see the way ahead.  If we are asked to follow up with written advice, the cost will depend upon the complexity of the case and the time taken to provide the written advice.  Please see our Charges page for more information;  but in most cases a budget of £300 should suffice.

If you can’t come and see us, we may be able to come and see you;  and a site visit may be valuable in any event, to see the problem “on the ground”.   Please get in touch to talk about whether this would be useful and feasible.

* Our what3words address is attic.chiefs.gasp.


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