We believe that our charges are very competitive. 

In our experience, people in search of  legal advice much prefer a fixed charge for the work, agreed in advance. 

We’ll always quote on this basis if we can.  We estimate the minimum number of hours which the work will take, and we multiply by £75.  For example, 3 hours’ work:  £225. 

If the work takes more time, the charge won’t increase.  If it takes less time — as sometimes happens — the charge will decrease. 

If it’s not possible to quote a fixed charge, the charge will simply be £75 an hour. This may be because we are asked to advise on a fluid, rather than a static, state of affairs.  But in most  cases we can quote a fixed charge.

P. S.   People often have follow-up questions, in response to the advice we give, and we welcome them.  Our fixed charges include dealing with follow-up questions. 




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