We believe that our fees for legal advice are highly competitive. 

In our experience, people in search of legal advice much prefer a fixed charge for the work, agreed in advance.  We’ll always quote on this basis if we can. 

Most of our fees for legal advice are between £150 and £300. We base them on an estimate of the number of hours which we think the work will take. But if it takes longer than that, the figure quoted will still apply. 

If it’s not possible to quote a fixed charge, the charge will simply be at a fixed hourly rate.  This may be because we are asked to advise on an evolving, rather than a static, state of affairs.  But in most  cases we can quote a fixed charge.

The bulk of our work consists of providing written legal advice. But we’re also happy to advise on the phone or in Zoom meetings: sometimes a discussion is useful to get a problem into focus and/or to explore options. We have a high speed fibre optic internet connection, and we also have a newly-built meeting room which will accommodate 10 or 20 clients with ease.

We can also represent clients at meetings;  for example, meetings with local authorities and planning appeals heard by a planning inspector.  In such cases, much will of course depend upon the length and complexity of the work, but wherever possible we will follow our usual rule of quoting a fixed charge. 




P. S.   People often have follow-up questions, in response to the advice we give, and we welcome them.  Our fixed charges include dealing with follow-up questions. 


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