Fees for legal advice are by agreement, and this will depend upon the complexity and weight of the issue(s) we are asked to consider, and the bulk of the documentary and other material involved.

Wherever we possible we will quote a fixed fee. To do this we will make an estimate of the minimum number of hours that the work should take, knowing that in practice it may well take more. Our quote will then be £100 an hour for that minimum number of hours. If in practice the work takes more time, we won’t increase the fee, but if it takes less time we will reduce it accordingly.

In our experience, this approach is fair: fees for legal advice are often much higher, and they may be charged on an hourly basis. A fixed fee works well when events are, so to speak, static, and we will quote on that basis whenever we can. However, there are cases in which events are evolving over time, and we can’t sensibly quote a fixed fee for the work as a whole. In such cases we will simply quote an hourly fee at a given rate.

Please bear in mind that the advice we produce is very much dependent upon the input we receive. A really clear and detailed account of your problem will both (a) keep the cost of that advice to a minimum, and (b) maximise its quality and usefulness. The time you spend in preparing an account, and adding any documents or photographs necessary to make the position clear, will not be wasted! Please feel free to get in touch.


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