Q: How can I obtain advice from you? A: We suggest that you read these FAQ on property law first, for a bird’s eye view of who we are and what we do! After that, if you feel we may be able to help, we recommend that you send us a brief initial enquiry – see our Initial enquiry page. This just needs to tell us who you are, what the problem is, and what you hope to achieve. We will reply swiftly. If we are not the best source of help for you, we will say so.

Q: So who might that be? A: in many cases, solicitors will be the obvious choice, especially if what is required is work which only solicitors can do, such as drafting deeds to do with land, and starting or defending legal proceedings. But there are other specialists, in areas such as planning and rights of way. A quick search on google will find them.

Q: Who do you advise? A: Most of our clients are private individuals or private organisations; but we are occasionally approached by local government or official bodies. We will always help if we can.

Q: How quickly can you produce advice? A: In urgent cases, within a few days, though usually we would expect to respond within a week or two.

Q: Why does it take so long? A: Good advice flows from a process of thinking, researching, drafting and redrafting — and (the last and probably most important step) carefully re-reading your instructions, to make sure that we have provided good, clear answers to the questions which we have been asked. All this takes time.

Q: Do you provide advice over the telephone? A: We’re reluctant to do so. It’s very easy for misunderstandings to creep in, especially where there are complicated facts and unfamiliar legal issues to grapple with. Written advice is much more effective and valuable, and that is what we do.

Q: What about payment? Do you ask for payment in advance? A: Please see our Fees page. Payment is due when our client is happy with the advice we have provided, and any follow-up queries (included in the agreed fee) have been dealt with.

Q: Do you publish feedback? A: Thank you for reading our FAQ on property law! We are keen to have feedback from our clients, and very much appreciate it when we get it. Publishing it is another matter. Nowadays, there will always be a suspicion that glowing tributes have been supplied by friends and relatives, not genuine clients, and that condemnatory remarks have come from “trolls”. Both sorts of feedback are of course quite worthless, and publishing them serves no useful purpose. The best we can say is that we welcome constructive criticism and we take it fully into account because we want the service we offer to be as good as possible. So please feel free to send us feedback.


For our print publishing website, please see www.barsby.com, and for our website which provides support for residents in private roads, see: www.privateroads.co.uk.