Development and planning


Since the middle of the last century the planning system has become increasingly complex, and with it the legislation under which it has to operate. Please click for our Background note on Planning law.

Questions with which we can help include:

Is planning permission required for extensions to houses and minor work in the land belonging to a house?

• What difference does it make if a building is listed, or in a conservation area?

• How does the planning system restrict people’s ability to put up signs and advertisements?

• When and how do environmental factors influence planning decisions?

Can the local authority force someone to demolish a building which was put up without planning permission?

• Does groundwork count as “development” for the purposes of planning control?

• Can the use of a particular building be changed without applying for planning permission?

• What is a “neighbourhood plan”? How does it affect planning decisions by the local authority?

• If planning permission is granted subject to conditions, can those conditions be challenged?

• What are the chances of success in an appeal against a refusal of planning permission?

• What is a “planning obligation”:  how can a planning obligation be cancelled or altered?


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