Areas of work

Within the field of property law, these are just some of the more common issues on which we can advise.  It’s not an exhaustive list.  Click on the headings for more detail. For each topic we’ve provided a short background note which outlines how the law works.  

[icon name = “feather-alt”] Private rights of way 

[icon name = “feather-alt”] Highways (public rights of way)

[icon name = “feather-alt”] Neighbour disputes

[icon name = “feather-alt”] Boundaries

[icon name = “feather-alt”] Adverse possession

[icon name = “feather-alt”] Restrictive covenants

[icon name = “feather-alt”] Ransom strips

[icon name = “feather-alt”] Parking

[icon name = “feather-alt”] Development and planning

[icon name = “feather-alt”] Trees


The above headings are only a guide to the more common problems with which we deal.  There are many other aspects of property law on which we will be glad to help, including issues relating to waterways, sporting rights, village greens, mineral rights, leases and tenancies, caravan sites and mobile home parks, amenity, and the work of the utility companies and other “statutory undertakers”.  We have a special interest in the history of property law.  The law goes back over the centuries, and can be very relevant today.  Please see further our Historic law page.

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