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Property law advice is our specialism.  We aim to provide advice on the law in England and Wales which is:


The law can be challenging and unpredictable; but much can be done, in giving advice on property law, to explain it in straightforward terms and identify effective solutions to problems.

Please use our Initial enquiry page to tell us in a few words about why you are looking for advice.  We’ll reply quickly to let you know whether we can help, and to give you an idea of the likely cost.  There’s no obligation to go further unless you wish to do so.

These are just some of the issues we can advise on – it’s not an exhaustive list.  Please click on an entry for more detail:

Private rights of way: how are they created, what use do they cover, can they be changed?

 Public rights of way: how do they arise, what do they mean, can they be ended?

Boundaries: how are boundaries of land defined, how does the law resolve disputes?

Adverse possession: what does this mean, can title to land be gained and lost in this way?

Restrictive covenants: is land subject to a covenant which will prevent development?

 Parking rights: how can someone acquire the right to park on someone else’s land?

 Development and planning: when is planning permission required?

Ransom strips: can a landowner charge a substantial price for a right of way?

Common land: what is common land, what rights do people have over it?

 Trees: how does the law protect trees, and make landowners responsible for them?

 Village greens: what are they, can new greens be created?


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